Storm Preparation List



If you are in need of help, always call 911 first!

For Wake County School Closings, see

Important Preparations

  • Have a full tank of gas
  • Charge your phone fully and have chargers and batteries for phone and portable devices 
  • Have your prescriptions up to date – Some RX’s allow for emergency supplies if needed. Call your pharmacy for details
  • Contact a relative or friend you might need in an emergency. Have long-term accommodations should your home become uninhabitable. 
  • Pack an emergency travel bag before the storm in case you must leave your home in a hurry.
  • Stock up on diapers, wipes, and formula for your infant

House Preparations

  •  Secure lawn and outdoor items (later in the week) 
  • CLEAN OUT STORM DRAINS near your house to help prevent or slow down street
    flooding. Make sure there is no debris currently blocking the drain. 
  • Store your valuables in a safe including insurance policies, birth certificates, essential legal documents in case you must leave your home or to prevent water damage. 
  • DON’T depend on candles or kerosene heaters for light or heat
  • Have a sump pump back up system ready in case of flooding
  • Have a tarp that could cover a portion of your roof
  • Park your vehicles away from tall trees and flood-prone areas. 
  • Have sandbags for your garage or low entryways to prevent water from coming in.
  • Have First Aid Kit on hand
  • Have a fire extinguisher ready

Food & Water Preparations

— If you live in Raleigh/Durham: City/county water treatment plants have backup systems in place. It is unlikely that you will lose running water. Even if you lose power, you will still have water and it will still be drinkable (unless city notifies otherwise).

— If you live in a community or private well and lose power, you will most-likely lose water. 

— Have one gallon of water per person in your household, 3-7 days worth.


  • Have non-perishable food on hand to last through a power outage
  • Have stock on any specialty food you or your child may need.
  • Have plenty of ice in coolers as your freezer thaws after the power goes out. (You can use your washing machine as a cooler, the ice will drain as it melts. 
  • Have bottled coffee (cold brew) for coffee lovers with no power.
  • Fill Tupperware and gallon jugs with water. (use cleaned milk/juice cartons. 
    • Close them and put them in gallon-size plastic bags. Then put them in the freezer to help keep it cold. On Thursday, take one of them and put it in your refrigerator or your cooler, to keep those as cold as possible. 
  • One day before the storm: set your freezer and refrigerator settings as cold as possible. If the electricity goes out, also put a blanket or coverlet around the refrigerator to help insulate it as much as possible. Do not open the door unless you know exactly what you need.
  • Eat perishable food items before or early in a disaster situation.
  • Food for your pets

Shelter Options in Wake County

  • Middle Creek High School (pet-friendly); Open
    123 Middle Creek Park Avenue
    Apex, NC 27539
  • Garner High School; FULL
    2141 Spring Drive
    Garner, NC 27529
  • Knightdale High School (pet-friendly); FULL
    100 Bryan Chalk Ln.
    Knightdale, NC 27545
  • Sanderson High School; oPEN
    5500 Dixon Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27609
  • Southeast Raleigh High School (pet-friendly); FULL
    2600 Rock Quarry Road
    Raleigh, NC 27610
  • Heritage High School; Open
    1150 Forestville Road
    Wake Forest, NC 27587

For Shelters statewide:

After The Storm Preparations

  • Have propane/charcoal for cooking for when power is out after the storm.
  • Communicate with your neighborhood to plan a block party a few days after an outage to share resources
  • Consider establishing neighborhood “captains” who will be info centers for people needing or able to provide help. 

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