At this juncture, we do not have all the particulars on how we will resolve our space issues, which plan is the most efficient and cost-effective plan to address our audiovisual needs, or the details regarding the signage for the church. What we do know is that each of these will cost money and that God has placed these items as priorities. This alone is enough data for us to begin walking by faith, through prayer and works, in preparation for our Creator to continue building God’s Kingdom through us. There are two areas in our church that have been the primary reasons for our growth and have continuously drawn people to our fellowship:

1) How we use technology to evangelize and enhance the worship experience
2) Our focus on children and families.

Therefore, it is imperative that we aspire to enhance these ministries even without full clarity of plans. We can move in this fashion because we are confident that this is God’s will for our church and that God will order and direct our path (Proverbs 3:6).

I realize this approach heightens some people’s anxieties and believe this is a reasonable and expected response.  Tension is inevitable anytime money is involved and people are approaching a situation with prior experiences. At this time we cannot adequately explain how each of these projects will be completed but we can design and set expectations to how we will engage in the process of Kingdom building. Strong communication regarding process will help relieve anxiety and keep our church community engaged.

1) We are proactively preparing our church for growth and have discerned several key areas that require significant prayer and attention.

– Sight & Sound
– Space

2) The Kingdom Campain is our first step in faith to addressing the key areas mentioned in point

3) No decisions will be made using Kingdom Campain Funds without the committee and congregation’s involvement & agreement.

Pastor Dr. Byron L. Benton