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Student Baptism

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At Berean, we place our highest value on our kids. Every Sunday, kids are invited to have class during the sermon. Currently, we separate into two age groups to sing, pray, and learn about Jesus in relevant ways.

For babies and toddlers, we invite you keep your kids with you in service. At Berean, we value our kids in worship and enjoy any and every joyful noise they make. We have a designated nursery area for your kids if you need a space for them to play or to change diapers. You can speak to our hospitality team and they will direct you. 


Here’s what to expect when visiting Berean for the first time: First, as you enter the building, you will be invited to check your kid(s) in. This will allow us get to know you and your children, learn of any allergies or special needs your children may have, and allow you to receive a name tag so you will be allowed to see your kids in the kids’ area. We take security very seriously at Berean and will not let just anyone to the back with our kids. 

Upon checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information (NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone):

  • parent/guardian name(s)
  • child name
  • child’s birthdate 
  • home address 
  • phone number
  • and any special instructions(allergies, special needs) for your children


BEFORE SERVICE: You can check-in your child(ren) at the kiosk in the foyer before service (up until the sermon). After you find your kid in the database, check his or her name and a name tag will print for your child and for you. 

DURING SERVICE: The kids will be dismissed during offering to line up by the back to go to the classrooms. If you need to see your child during service, you can speak with the security member by the back doors and show your parent tag. He will then allow you to enter the back classroom area. 

AFTER SERVICE: Your child(ren) will be returned to you at the end of service.


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